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Are you pointing new clients in our direction?

Clearvoice Are you pointing new clients in our direction? article Clearvoice Are you pointing new clients in our direction? article

It’s important to thank people when they help and support you. It makes them feel appreciated, reminding them that their efforts are both noticed and valued. A world without sharing our appreciation with each other is not one we at Clear Voice like the thought of…

So we want to show our appreciation to YOU for supporting us when you tell other organisations lots of lovely things about Clear Voice and point them in our direction. This referral you very kindly give us is so important; not only does it mean we can support more vulnerable people through effective communication, but it also helps us achieve our social mission, to which all of our profits go, of supporting people who are victims of exploitation and displacement.

What will I get for referring a new client to you?

Under our new referral scheme, when you say lovely things about Clear Voice and it results in us acquiring a new client, you’ll get a present! We will send you some lovely socks from our fellow social enterprise, Stand4Socks. Every pair of socks we buy as a thank you also results in a pair being donated to a homeless person in need. Talk about win-win!

Alternatively, if socks aren’t your bag, we can make a donation in your name to a charity of your choice.

Will it also benefit the new client?

Absolutely! The organisation you refer will also get 60 free telephone interpreting minutes. Because our sign up process is both commitment and cost free, the free hour of telephone interpreting actually means that they can try out our services properly without spending (or committing) a penny. We recognise how much trust clients need to put in the quality of our services and hope that the opportunity to try before spending will be a valuable gift to new clients.

How do I get involved?

Chat about Clear Voice to anyone in your network who you think would benefit from our services. They may already use an alternative provider, or they may only just be discovering the need for language services. The more reasons you give them why you love Clear Voice (such as the ethical impact, the fact there is no minimum commitment or the pay-as-you-go model) the more likely they are to reach out to us. Don’t forget to also let them know that they will get 60 free minutes if they sign up because of you.

The new organisation can then do their research, mull it over, contact us for more information if needed and, once the time is right, sign up right on our website. Once you know the new organisation is going to sign up, send us an email telling us who you have referred.

The new client, keen to get their freebie minutes, will likely also tell us who referred them (and you can encourage this if you like!). We can then shower you with thanks and gifts!

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help and are really excited to be launching this new scheme with you.