Face-to-Face Interpreting

How does it work?

There are occasions when an interpreter working face-to-face using spoken and / or non-spoken languages is needed. Often face-to-face is very effective in more complex or sensitive situations where body language and cultural sensitivity may be vital.

Clear Voice can provide UK-wide interpreters, endeavouring to keep face-to-face sessions at minimum cost by booking interpreters as close to the desired location as possible.

Guide to rates

  • Charged in 15-minute increments after the first hour
  • Minimum booking: 1 hour
  • Travel expenses: standard public transport or £0.35 per mile
  • Travel time: £10 per hour (max 4 hours)
  • Cancellation rate if less than 24 hrs: booked interpreting time paid in full and any travel expenses already incurred by the interpreter

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