Wellbeing training video for lone workers

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September 30, 2019
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Wellbeing training video for lone workers

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A joint venture for two of Kent’s companies:

Clear Voice Interpreter Services and Windmill Training for Personal and Professional Development join forces to develop a training video!

Clear Voice Interpreter Services and Windmill Training joined forces to film a short video highlighting the importance of managing the mental health impacts of freelancers and lone workers.

Nicole Capon, Managing Director of Windmill Training said: “It was a pleasure to work with the Clear Voice team and put together a short video detailing the importance of mental health wellbeing for freelancers and lone workers”.

The areas that were covered were:

  • What are the challenges of lone working?
  • Are there any signs that a freelancer themselves or a loved one might need to be aware of and look out for?
  • Five top wellbeing tips for freelancers
  • Is there anything that a freelancer should try and avoid as it might negatively affect their mental health?
  • What are some wellbeing tips specifically for interpreters?
  • If someone’s mental health is affected, where should they seek help?

Nicole gave some very positive and informative tips and answers to these very important questions, all of which can be watched in full detail on the video.

Anna Ware, Director of Clear Voice was delighted with the meeting and also the in-house video that was produced.  Anna said: “It is very important to highlight the mental wellbeing of freelance workers as well as lone working. Nicole had some very important and useful ideas and tips to assist people who fall into these categories. We hope that our own interpreters, as well as others find the short video both informative and useful. An important thing to remember is that networking is a very important way of keeping in contact with others in a similar position”.





Many thanks to Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce for the use of their boardroom for this event!