Telephone interpreting guide

Telephone Interpreting Guide for Interpreters

Most telephone interpreting is connected via our instant automated telephone line

How does it work?

In order to accept telephone interpreting assignments, you need to be logged on to the Clear Voice Telephone Line. This is an automated system that is linked to our database of interpreters.
Our customers call our Instant Telephone Interpreting Line (an automated system) to request an interpreter. They enter their individual customer pin number and then key in the language code for the language they require. Based on the information provided, the system connects the call from the customer to a suitable interpreter who is logged on.

Logging on

When you are available to interpret please log on, when you are not available to interpret please log off. The system recognises which interpreters are logged on and available to take a call. It will direct calls from customers to the appropriate interpreter that is logged on. When you see the number 0800 082 0872 or 0800 520 0380 it is a call from the Clear Voice Interpreter Line (we recommend that you save these numbers).

How to Log on

Step 1 – Call the interpreter log-on service number 0207 043 4105
Step 2 – Follow the instructions and press 2. to log on
Step 3 –The system will automatically recognise your phone number which is registered on our system and log you on

How to Log off

Step 1 – Call the interpreter log-on service number 0207 043 4105
Step 2 – Follow the instructions to log off
Please be aware that if you fail to take five calls in succession the system will automatically stop sending calls to your profile for you to answer. You will need to log off and on again before you are able to commence telephone interpreting work again.

We have recently added a new log on/off facility for our telephone interpreters. You can now click on THIS LINK and enter your registered email address and 5 digit PIN to log on/off.

Start of the Call

1. Prepare: If you are logged on to the Clear Voice Telephone Line then you should
• Be in a quiet place
• Have your phone to hand (preferably a landline)
• Have some note paper and a pen ready
• Have full reception and battery power (if on a mobile)
2. Are you in a quiet place and able to accept the call? You will recognise a Clear Voice call by the phone numbers 0800 082 0872 or 0800 520 0380. On answering you will be asked to press any key if you are able to interpret, if not you should hang up the phone. If you are logged on you should be able to take the call.
3. Answering the call: Please remember when you accept the call you will be speaking directly to the customer. To provide a high-quality and professional service we need to have a strong customer focus. Please answer the phone professionally with a greeting of:
‘Hello, my name is (state your name) and I will be your (state the language) interpreter, my PIN is (state your 5 digit pin in full including the 00). How can I help you?’

The Interpreting Session

1. You should interpret all information accurately and completely, without adding or omitting anything. DO NOT give advice or express opinions to any of the parties.
2. You must maintain transparency. For example, when asking for clarification, an interpreter says to all parties, "I, the interpreter, did not understand, so I am going to ask the client for an explanation."
3. The interpreter may intervene during the session for only four reasons:
• To ask for clarification, although interpreter must be observant as to keep the interruptions to an absolute minimum
• To indicate that a client may not have understood the message even though the interpretation was correct
• To draw attention to a possible missed cultural reference or inference
• To point out a condition or reason that may impair the interpreting session, (for example, the interpreter may ask the speaker to slow down, speak louder....).
You must always inform both parties of the reason for the intervention.
4. You should never cut an interpreting session short.
If you accept a call, you need to complete it, unless an expected emergency occurs when you are in the middle of the session. If the phone cuts out or the session ends unexpectedly, please let us know immediately.

Concluding the Session
1. When you take a call from Migrant Help advisors such as Asylum Help or Asylum Advice, there is usually a data protection message at the end of the call. You need to ensure that the client understands this and listens to this short message.
2. Thank the customer and end the call professionally.

Other information

1. The Clear Voice Automated Telephone Line accurately records all calls to the second between you and a customer. Our monthly reports detail every telephone job you have done for invoicing and payment.
2. As a self-employed Interpreter you are responsible for managing your own tax affairs and should be registered with HMRC as a self-employed person. You need to supply us with your UTR number issued by the HMRC to self-employed persons.
3. We have a complaint procedure in place which ensures that all complaints against the service provided by our interpreters is dealt with swiftly and fairly. We constantly monitor the work of our telephone interpreters, to ensure that we provide a high standard service, therefore it is imperative that this guide is followed throughout your time working as a Clear Voice telephone interpreter.
4. If you have a safeguarding concern and feel the need to disclose confidential information, you must inform the caseworker first. For example, ‘I have prior knowledge of this case and feel that I need to disclose confidential information, because I am concerned that there is a safeguarding risk here’ and wait for the caseworker’s instructions on how to proceed.
5. If you ever have concerns about your safety or need to disclose a wrongdoing, please contact the Clear Voice Operations Manager or Clear Voice Director immediately. They will respond promptly to discuss the issue with you and work to resolve it.

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