Opportunities with Clear Voice

Clear Voice is always looking for professional, enthusiastic and customer-focused linguists with high ethical standards to become part of our team.

To register your interest with us please complete our online registration form. For more information please call us on 0800 520 0380 or email us.

Interpreter Code of Ethics

• The interpreter will interpret accurately and completely, without adding, omitting, or substituting. A summary can only be given with the consent of both parties.
• The interpreter must strive to ensure that complete and effective communication takes place to the highest standard.
• The interpreter must bring it to the attention of all parties if any difficulties with dialects or technical terms arise. If these cannot be remedied, the interpreter should withdraw from the assignment.
• The interpreter maintains transparency. For example, when asking for clarification, an interpreter says to all parties, "I, the interpreter, did not understand, so I am going to ask for an explanation."
• The interpreter does not discriminate against parties, either indirectly or directly, on any grounds.
• The interpreter will maintain confidentiality and will not disclose any information outside the interpreting session, except with the service user’s consent or if required by law i.e. a safeguarding issue has been raised during the interaction between the parties
• The interpreter does not allow personal judgments or cultural values to influence objectivity.
• The interpreter will not accept any assignments that he/she feels are beyond his/her linguistic capabilities or where there is not an adequate level of cultural awareness
• The interpreter will not sub-contract work.
• The interpreter will not enter into discussion, give advice or express opinions of any of the parties.
• The interpreter shall not act in a manner that brings the status or reputation of Clear Voice into disrepute.
• The interpreter will disclose any potential conflict of interest or any factor that may make it inappropriate for them to accept work.
• The interpreter shall not exceed their duty as an interpreter or use their role to take advantage in any way.
• The interpreter uses professional, culturally appropriate ways of showing respect.
• The interpreter alerts all parties to any significant cultural misunderstanding that arises.
• The interpreter is accountable for professional performance.
• The interpreter is honest, ethical and act in a manner befitting the dignity of the profession and appropriate to the setting.
• The interpreter seeks feedback to improve his or her performance.
• Interpreters must respect the ethics and work practices of other professions.

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