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Over the years we have assisted many companies and organisations who have been very satisfied with our services. Here are a few examples of how Clear Voice interpreters and translators have helped them achieve their aims.

Some of our clients


Migrant Help

Migrant Help is a UK charity delivering support and advice services to migrants in the UK. Clear Voice provides the charity with over the phone and face to face interpretation services, assisting asylum claimants and refugees, EU nationals, foreign national prisoners and victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking.


British Red Cross

Clear Voice works with the British Red Cross to bring displaced people together through the charity’s international family tracing and messaging service. Our interpreters work either over the phone or face to face with clients, helping to trace family members who have been separated by wars, trafficking or natural disasters.


Thinkaction (Formerly KCA) is one of the UK’s leading substance misuse and addiction charities, delivering innovative drug, alcohol and mental health services across the South of England. Clear Voice interpreters work closely with the charity to provide counselling sessions for their non English-speaking clients, both families and individuals.

Silent Sounds

Clear Voice provides vital back-up services for Silent Sounds, which specialises in spoken, deaf and translation services, helping the company deliver a fast and efficient service in more than 250 languages and dialects. Most of our work involves providing interpretation and translation services to staff at GP surgeries and hospitals.

Citizens Advice

Clear Voice regularly assists members of Citizens Advice across the wide range of services operated by the national charity, providing face to face interpreters, phone interpreters and translation services. Clear Voice interpreters facilitate clear communication and understanding in a range of complex fields including counselling, debt resolution and housing issues.

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