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Clear Voice gains ISO27001 Certificate

Clearvoice Clear Voice gains ISO27001 Certificate article Clearvoice Clear Voice gains ISO27001 Certificate article

Clear Voice has been awarded the ISO27001 Certificate.  What exactly is that?  Well, there are so many different ISOs, these are standards that organisations need to adhere to in order to get a certificate.  This certificate shows that the organisation is working to the high standards set by the ISO (which is recognised world-wide).

ISO27001 is the standard set for Information Security Management, this covers everything information-related, from personal data storage (on computers, but also in cupboards and drawers), virus protection, physical security (like staff badges and an intercom system), remote working procedures, correct HR security vetting and much more.

To get certification, an Information Security System Management System (ISMS) needs to be implemented – this is a system with various information security-related policies and procedures, risk assessments, monitoring measures, legal registers, objectives, etc.

The standard is to help the organisation establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the ISMS, it also sets out requirements for the assessment and treatment of Information Security risks. In short, by adhering to the standard, we will have functional processes in place to identify, assess, address and treat any information security-related risks to the organisation.

We are certified with NQA, who are accredited by UKAS, who are the only accreditation body recognised by the ISO in the UK.