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Refugee Week: Valya’s Poetry

Clearvoice Refugee Week: Valya’s Poetry article Clearvoice Refugee Week: Valya’s Poetry article

To celebrate Refugee Week 2022 we are exploring the theme of healing through the creative works of our talented interpreters. Valya is a Bulgarian interpreter and wrote this poem inspired by the deep emotional impact of her own healing. It is an honour to be able to share her work.

My friend,

Did you live like that…
When you can’t ask,
When you can’t beg
For anything you had

Did you have those dreams…
The ones who can never reach,
Who can deeply touch
Only when you sleep?

Did you feel like that?
So empty from inside,
So crucial for desire,
So sad and so apart…

Did you ever know…
How to charge your life,
How to catch your dreams,
How to keep your soul in one?

By Valya Naneva


Meet Valya, the poet

My name is Valya. I have a Masters in Economics and I’m from Bulgaria. I have been an interpreter for three years now. It started as something additional to do in case I need it but it turns out that I really enjoy it! It’s strange how these things work out.

What poetry means to me

My poetry is the other part of me. It’s something I want to tell and I can’t express with words coming out of my mouth. Sometimes I find it hard to talk especially if it’s about me. My poetry’s the way to say and show how I feel.

This poem came to me from the depth of my emotions. It just came and I couldn’t stop it. I am writing in three languages and very soon I’ll make a blog with all my poems and stories.

My inspiration is love. The one we can find in the dark waters of the river next to my town, the one we can find in the white butterflies, in the trees, in the sun coming through their leaves, in our children’s eyes, in every smile, the one I’m trying to discover in myself again.